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If we laugh, folks listen; if we complain nobody pays us any mind. Nowhere is this wisdom better illustrated than in Wanda Lane's charming little book, Wrinkles in Paradise. Wanda speaks of the graying of a generation with humor and grace. This book will do you more good than Centrum Silver. Surprisingly poignant in parts, absolutely hilarious in others, the book takes us on the wild roller coaster ride of life and getting older The superbly written book is divided into two: Laugh Wrinkles and Life Wrinkles.

And while a relatively young woman myself, I still found myself able to relate to all of the essays Wanda has a knack for helping us laugh at our frailty, even as we try so desperately to hold onto the silly pride and vanity that makes us all!

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    Georgie: A brown and cream Ford Fairlane. He was one of the Hardy Boys. I was sure I was going to marry him. He was gorgeous.

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    He was a tall Irishman with dark hair and a smile that would blind you. It takes two people to lift it up backstage to put it on her head before she goes on. It continues to spark joy and provide a high quality experience for the audience. And we get them to sing along! You can live vicariously through them. Covering the arts online in the central San Joaquin Valley and beyond. Lover of theater, classical music, visual arts, the literary arts and all creative endeavors. Former Fresno Bee arts critic and columnist. Excited to be exploring the new world of arts journalism.

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    Very cool that they paid homage to Beach Blanket Babylon. What a tribute to the longest running music Revue and an SF staple. Connoisseurs of the later work of aging stars of old detective shows -- and you know who you are -- will find their cups runnething over this weekend.

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    They are on sure ground when required only to sift facts or give chase, but the filmmakers saddle them with occasional ill-formed hints of inner life or moral conflict, which pop up at odd times and are confusing. Set in the small coastal town of Paradise, Mass. I give nothing away: This is not a whodunit but a howtocatchem. Nova Scotia is close enough for Massachusetts, and the excellent photography by Rene Ohashi makes the most of the weather and light and creates a real place for the story to unfold.