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Chesterton, Agatha Christie, C. Lewis all have their turn. I would only recommend this for the true Tolkien fanatic like myself. Feb 14, Manuel Alfonseca rated it liked it Shelves: maybe.

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The first is an alternative biography in the same sense as one speaks about alternative history. The identity of the person being biographed a famous writer is transparent, although he is never named in the book, except through an alias which is also transparent. The biography is alternative in the sense that the book that made this writer famous in real life is supposed to have been found rather than written by him, therefore t ENGLISH: This novel can be considered as two different books. The biography is alternative in the sense that the book that made this writer famous in real life is supposed to have been found rather than written by him, therefore the story he told in that book would have been true.

To leave potential readers the enjoyment of discovering things for themselves, I won't say anything more about this part. The presence of some of the writer's colleagues and other contemporary celebrities especially Chesterton, C. Lewis and Owen Barfield is well managed. The characters representing them are true to type, at least as I imagine them. But together with this, there is a different book.

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The main character is no longer a slightly modified real person, but a fully fictional personage, involved in a fight against a supervillain, the chief of an international organization, who wants to become Lord of the World. This part of the plot is engrossing, but suffers from lack of plausibility and gets progressively apart from the first vision of the novel.

There are a few anachronisms and scientific problems in the plot. It is unbelievable that the main character would be oblivious of Einstein's name in , even though he was not a scientist. The main character travels extensibly and dangerously throughout Europe, to consult supposed experts, but the questions he asks are so simple that he could have got the answers quite easily and with far less danger, by consulting a textbook or his scientific colleagues in Oxford or Cambridge.

Besides which, the answers given by the "experts" are not always correct, although this may be required by the plot.

T. M. Doran: Toward the Gleam | National Review

Los personajes que los representan son fieles a la realidad, al menos tal como yo me los imagino. Junto con lo anterior, se entrelaza un libro diferente. May 23, Amanda rated it really liked it. Thoroughly enjoyable! Mystery, history, The Inklings, philosophy - so much to like.

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It was so much fun to recognize familiar and much-loved characters. My only criticism is that the author uses some American words and phrases that an English man simply wouldn't say. A great read though! Absolutely Amazing!


Jun 30, Liz rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-fiction , giveaways , first-reads. Won this in a goodreads giveaway and I am so glad I did. The publisher and a few other reviewers have summarized the story very well so let me give my impressions. After I read the first chapter I had this urge to get a cup of tea and curl up in my favorite chair to immerse myself in "the story". I was hooked. The story was well paced and the characters clearly drawn.

The suspense gradually built to the hoped for ending without being "over the top". Another reviewer compared it to a "DaVinci Code" like story. I would rather say it was more like a followup saga to an "Indiana Jones" story- revealing the kind of research and possible repercussions AFTER finding an ancient artifact. This is really a thinking person's adventure peopled with fictionalized real writers of the day. Since our main character's compatriots were introduced on a first name only basis I had to go to the internet and find out more about these literary philosophers-the "Inklings".

The way the author blended fact and fiction here was intriguing and worked for me. There were several times as I read that I noted page numbers so I could go back to some quote or philosophical argument later.

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  • The book begs to be discussed with others. The ideologies of pre WWII Europe are bandied about by these literary geniuses of the time and many seem so relevant today.


    Here is a sample "Men choose whom to believe, and their discernment-sadly-is often less than enlightened. Memories are short..

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    Facts are invented, and actual facts are corrupted. Its creed is a jumble of myth and passion From page "Owen says evil is the failure to live freedom well. But the more you think about it, the more sense it makes. The use of freedom-will and action-determines whether outcomes are helpful or harmful. If you like solid story telling, stimulating discussions on the nature of evil, a really bad guy, and smart characters that are real enough to relate to, you will be thinking of this book for a long time after you finish reading it.

    If you want fast action, lusty romance, and heart stopping thrills, this won't do it for you, but you will be the poorer for it. View all 6 comments. Jul 30, Anne Gazzolo rated it really liked it. I loved this wonderful book and so did my dad. Warning: spoilers ahead!! Knowing ahead of time what this book is about helped my enjoyment of it tremendously, and is the reason I was so looking forward to reading it.

    But if you don't want to know, don't keep reading! Lovers of The Lord of the Rings , of which the author is definitely one, will enjoy this tale the most. The main 'character' is Tolkien himself, under the alias of John Hill which he took from the alias used by Frodo. It concerns pri I loved this wonderful book and so did my dad. It concerns primarily his discovery of a mysterious box in a cave which I can't help thinking is really a very long abandoned hobbit hole. It is seemingly made of silver but much brighter than any silver we know mithril , anyone?

    Contained within in an unknown tongue is an even more mysterious ancient manuscript that Hill is able to translate. He is convinced it's a chronicle of events that actually took place thousands of years ago.

    He feels strongly that this history is something that the world is in desperate need of knowing about, though when he does publish it with some additions of his own, he also leaves some of it for he believes some of it is too dangerous to be revealed lest it fall into the wrong hands. I felt the same awe he did as I looked over his shoulder as he opened the box for what he has found is the Red Book, including Bilbo's Translations from the Elvish. There are scattered references that those who have eyes to see will understand: the Necromancer, the Traitor, the Burglar, the Hero, the Hero's faithful companion, the Grey Pilgrim are all so named.

    The ring small r is mentioned and a Seeing Stone is hinted at. It is exciting too that the manuscript is not the only artifact that survived from that time either. A chapter early on about Tolkien's time at the battle of the Somme is also vividly presented. The Tolkien children and Edith are all there, as well as Lewis and Barfield of the Inklings and other famous figures of the time, referred to only by first name or nickname.