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Message: 54 Date: In February , the European Commission hosted a G7 roundtable on the information society. Envoys ranging from heads of state to prominent industrialists debated the Global Information Infrastructure. The Japanese delegation included, among others, Isao Okawa, chair of Sega. His participation was quiet, but his return to Japan was not. He was determined to correct what he saw as a glaring omission: the people most affected by the coming information society - that is, children - were utterly unrepresented. He decided to change this. Within eight months, Okawa conceived, funded, and implemented the first Junior Summit.

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For four days in Tokyo that October and November, 41 children from 12 nations convened for a milestone meeting at which adults found room only in the audience. The young people, 12 to 18 years old, addressed issues ranging from the environment and peace to communications; some participants were involved in using the Internet to compose music collaboratively and perform it live for the first time. The event was a resounding success. Now, some two years later, Okawa is determined to see another such assembly take place in a broader international setting.

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Agents of change. The second Junior Summit presents a chance to increase the number of countries at the table, to give the conference participants more time for discussion, and to let them disseminate their conclusions more widely. Children from every country in the world are invited to discuss the future of young people in the digital age. Of course, linking children around the world will not in itself solve the problems of world hunger, poverty, and repression. However, children together may make a step toward solving these problems and others that we adults are not child enough to recognize.

The simple act of uniting children will widen their perspectives on their own lives, and the lives of those who come after. It will deepen their understanding of their own problems, and the problems of those who are unlike them. It will lead to a better world, as children become empowered to seek solutions globally and implement them locally.

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For the adults around these children, this process of discovery can enlighten all efforts to make the information society everybody's society. The second Junior Summit seeks to engage children between the ages of 10 and 16 from around the world. Participants will be selected based on how well they can document - in their native language, through a video or photographic essay, through a piece of music, or through drawing or painting - the state of children in their community, with particular focus on how the digital revolution is affecting them.

Those children who do not yet have anything to document with respect to the digital revolution are asked to give their vision of a global community. The selected children will meet online for six months of debates, discussions, and the creation of artistic works. Simply participating in the online forum will allow children to be agents of change in their communities - all of those who are chosen will be given computers and Internet connections, which will be set up in their local schools or community centers.

China launched more rockets into orbit in 2018 than any other country

After six months online, the participants will choose 60 delegates to represent them at the summit at MIT, where they will solidify their positions and, finally, present their arguments to world leaders. NET " This intriguing study by two political economists seeks to discover an economic logic behind the size of nations. A must-read for all scholars in the fields of public economics, international economics and international relations" --Jaume Ventura, CREI and Universitat Pompeu Fabra " In this superb and pathbreaking monograph, Alesina and Spolaore convincingly apply the tools of economics to show how economic and political forces influence the breakup and integration of nations in an evolving world.

This is a new domain of analysis that will be of utmost importance in the twenty-first century.

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There are likely to be some economies of scale, and country size provides political weight in world affairs, but governments of smaller countries are probably better able to see and provide what their citizens want. Alesina and Spolaore use a number of crisp and clear theoretical models to show how these trade-offs might be played out, in a variety of voting processes, to produce an equilibrium distribution of country sizes.

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The Size of Nations | Foreign Affairs

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