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Mary Yalex - Dream Chasers (D) [clip] by Dichotomy Records | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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This dream-chaser sees success from others and is automatically skeptical. They look for what lucky break others had or believe they won the lottery or got an inheritance. It may be the news or bad experiences in their past, but they are blindly by skepticism. Mindset is vital in dream chasing and skepticism kills the right mindset.

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Every time I write an article on a large website, you can see the skeptical dream-chasers come out. They go in the comments and argue about why none of this is possible for them. Life is hard, and it throws some sucky curveballs, but dreams are possible. It starts with you believing in yourself and your dream.

I was this dream-chaser for a long time. What we see in the online world is those who are successful because they started before or those who had something that helped them, like a six-figure day job.

We stuck in the middle. It means that you believe in the dream, but have to figure out what works for where you are. If this is you, keep it simple and stop learning.

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Create great free content, build your audience and offer premium products and services. Do the same when it comes to other areas of your life. This dream-chaser has moved beyond confused and into a place that allows them to make progress. They have focused and figured out what works for them.

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Along the way, the gods must smile on you with perfect health and impeccable timing, the divine fortune of a job opening becoming available exactly when you are ready to take it. Denial allows many minor leaguers to ignore the possibility—the probability—of falling short, at least until it becomes inescapably clear that they have done so. And no matter how high you go on this professional journey, it will end on its own timetable. As for my own career, which went on to include nine years in the major leagues, my own father passed, my mother aged, my brother moved, my hamstring tore; all were accelerants to the stress of the road, to the sense that the dream is no longer a dream but a duty, a default, a place to avoid reality, not conquer it.