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Find Places to Stay in Boomer on Airbnb

Kettlebell Boomer is a DVD designed to bring the power of kettlebell training to users of any age group. Although marked specifically to older adults--the athletes featured range in age from 58 to 65, and there are various references to staying fit during the senior years--the workouts on this DVD are appropriate for all ages and all levels of fitness. In this 5. The Introduction leads directly into the Main Menu, which appears as follows:. In addition, there is a brief "self-screening" in which Du Cane shows her four athletes how to test for both shoulder and hip mobility; this assists them with performing the exercises which appear later in the DVD.

For the Prep Drills, Du Cane covers neutral spine, hip hinge, picking up and putting down the kettlebell, staying loose, and breathing.

She breaks down all of the exercises in detail, spending an even greater amount of time on the kettlebell swings, a foundational part of kettlebell training. I have described each of these in greater detail below. The minute Strength Workout consists of a During each round, Du Cane coaches 30 minute intervals with rest periods in-between about 2 minutes total ; the four athletes display various modifications.

The rounds are as follows:. As noted above, the Again, the workout is performed in rounds, this time with eight total rounds and with a strong emphasis on kettlebell swings the athletes vary in performing two-handed swings, one-armed swings, and hand-to-hand swings.

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The rounds for the Cardio Workout are as follows:. In this A small study by researchers at the University of Western Australia found that people who do high-intensity cardio for just 15 minutes ate 11 per cent less in the following 24 hours. That's because doing intense exercise causes your body to start moving more blood around - diverting it away from your gut and making you less hungry.

Cardio is so good for you. It helps with heart health and lung function and as we say, it's a great fat-burner.

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In fact, a Penn State Uni study found doing either cardio or weights resulted in a 21lb weight loss, but the cardio group also burned through 6lb of muscle - unlike the weights group. Because lean muscle mass needs energy itself, the higher your muscle percentage, the more calories you burn at rest. When you lift heavy weights, you're breaking down the muscle - causing it to repair itself and get stronger. Strength training gives you a higher percentage of lean muscle mass. You can't choose where fat comes from - fat belongs to your whole body, meaning that you can't control where it sits or drops from.

Dorota Maslewska, personal trainer at Virgin Active , told The Sun: "The best things for body re-composition are lifting weights three-to-five times per week to facilitate muscle building, HIIT training two-to-three times per week to help burn extra fat and keep the heart healthy, and small calorie deficit to facilitate fat loss.

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You could squat till the cows come home, but you've got to do cardio in order for muscle tone to show. Laura, a strong woman and two-time marathon champ, is obviously a fan of doing both cardio and weights. But Foundry PT Dan told us that as a society, we're "obsessed with cardio training".

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While exercise is vital to general good health and fitness, you can't ignore just how important diet is to meeting goals. Most experts agree that you "can't out-train a bad diet" , with food choices accounting for 80 per cent of your results and exercise taking up just 20 per cent.

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  • e-book The Anytime, Anywhere, minute Boomer Workout.

She said that you can't target specific areas, so you're better off "focusing on reducing total body fat and building muscle". Get enough sleep, stay hydrated and exercise regularly.

A Minute Bodyweight Workout You Can Do Anywhere

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