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  1. unwanted content and links from Thai websites > porn cheat lies just as usual from Thailand.
  2. Phuket Province
  4. Thai Lies And Wondering Why | Stickman Bangkok

After all, we actually do it daily in somewhat innocent ways. Here are some of the most common fibs flying around the city to watch out for and the reality behind them.

unwanted content and links from Thai websites > porn cheat lies just as usual from Thailand.

Twice a month, we furiously check the newspaper to see if our lucky numbers have finally made us into millionaires. Apparently toilets in shopping malls, escalators and on the back of a motorbike are prime photo-taking spots which is just mind-boggling in itself. And although these areas are inconvenient for others and even dangerous, we suppose Thais would never miss a good selfie opportunity.

This logic is slightly confusing especially when we can walk for hours in an air-conditioned shopping mall without even taking a break. In some cases, people are just asking for a little love and affection.

Phuket Province

But popping up on the news feed with your attention-seeking sob stories could get you the complete opposite reaction like being blocked or banned from future gatherings and events. Living in a country with balmy weather can have its plus side. One being the fact that we would never have to dig our way out of snow or learn how to survive inside a camel carcass under the scorching sun. In fact, the only times when we realise that flippy floppies are not appropriate are either at weddings or when a promotion is up for grabs.


Cheating levels in Thailand can be scary. Entertaining and educational. The favourite Thai fib of all time.

The boys, who range in age from 11 to 16, emerged in relatively good shape. The first eight boys rescued came in with low body temperatures and were provided with heaters, Thai doctors said on Tuesday. One had a low heart rate, and one had a scratch on his right ankle.

13 lies we’ve all told while travelling Thailand

Doctors suspected two had lung infections — probably pneumonia — based on irregular X-rays. Overall they were feeling better, with no fever, and were getting around on their own and smiling.

But doctors said the boys were being kept quarantined. Parents were allowed to see them through a glass isolation barrier and talk to them via hospital phones.

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It could be at least seven days before they can be released from hospital, said Jedsada Chokdumrongsuk, permanent secretary at the Public Health Ministry. The boys were malnourished and weak, and doctors are probably worried that they could be susceptible to germs spread by family members or other visitors, said Dr W Ian Lipkin, a Columbia University infectious diseases expert.

But it is also possible they are infection risks to others.

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  • Thai doctors have said they do not know what type of unusual illnesses the boys may have picked up in the cave. Bats live in caves. They can spread viruses ranging from rabies to Nipah, which can cause pneumonia, seizures and death. The boys told doctors they did not see any bats or other animals, and experts say it is unlikely bats would dwell as deep in a cave as the boys were. Mr Lipkin said more likely risks are tetanus bacteria that could infect a wound, diarrhoea-causing bacteria that could have contaminated the cave waters, and inhalable fungal spores that could cause breathing problems — including pneumonia.

    Thai Lies And Wondering Why | Stickman Bangkok

    One of the Thai doctors said the boys were happy but that psychologists would be evaluating them. The guided escape was stressful, and Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said the boys were given an anti-anxiety medication to help calm their nerves. People who endure such an intense and dangerous event can go on to suffer lasting anxiety, depression and other symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. More on this topic.