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Imago Mundi

The effects last up to 12 months, after which the pigment fades, requiring a colour boost appointment. Mandibles Figs. Hypopharynx Figs. Antennae Fig. Pronotum Figs. Prosternal posterior process tubercle-like. Furca short, sinuate, distally enlarged. Anterior legs Figs.

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Tarsus shorter than tibia. Male with internal claw large, bifurcate. Mesothorax Figs. Scutellum sculpture similar to that of pronotum, parabolic, longer than wide, as long as pronotum; anterior margin abruptly rounded, not bordered. Episternum smaller than epimeron, not reaching the mesocoxal cavity. Elytra smooth, with thin and sparse punctures, external stria punctate; humerus with anterior sulcus; without external membrane.

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Mid legs Figs. Tarsus shorter than tibia, smooth, bearing distal tooth-like setae.

Male with simple claws and female with bifid internal claw. Metathorax Figs. Episternum not reaching the mesocoxal cavity, dorsal area concealed by the mesemetepimeron contact. Metaventrite wide, densely punctate and setose; discrimen evident, posterior process short and rounded not separating the metacoxae; meso-metaventrite process prominent, free, extended between the procoxae. Metendosternite with anterior flange acuminated. Wing Figs.

An overview

Posterior legs Figs. Coxae contiguous, coxa-trochanter articulation with short and sharp process. Abdomen Figs. Pygidium triangular, striated. Male terminalia Figs. Aedeagus Figs. Endophalus Figs. Female terminalia Figs. Large depression between vagina and anus present. Paraprocts triangular, large, posteriorly articulated with proctiger. Internal genitalia Fig. A special dilemma with the larval morphology is the interpretation of two structures of the haptomerum: helus heli and zygum. Hayes: "spine" " and "Zygum -a Greek; from zygon, a yoke or cross-bar : Sclerome pertaining to region haptomerum and forming its anterior margin.

When typically developed, appearing as a convex cross-bar in front of sensilla and heli, but often enlarged and carrying these structures". When Ritcher studied an epipharynx of Rutelini larvae for first time he made the following description: "Haptomerum with a beak-like process behind which is a group of about 30 spine-like setae. Heli absent. Epizygum and zygum absent". In addition to Ritcher , other authors e. In fact, zygum can have intermediary forms between a thin long cross-bar and a beak-like structure, or another form with helus or sensilla incorporated in it see fig.

According to this view all Rutelini larvae lack heli and some possess a beak-like zygum. Life cycle. Ritcher refers to the larvae of some species of Rutelinae as feeding on the roots of different plant species, or on decaying wood, or in the soil in the vicinity of decaying wood.

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Following Ritcher the studied species belongs to the Sacarabaeidae group of decaying wood and living root feeders. One observed larva showed an interruption of feeding to construct the pupal chamber, with compacted soil walls; 21 days after the larva had started to build the pupal chamber the pupa emerged, staying inside the open larval exuvia.

The pupal instar lasted 24 days. In addition, one imago was collected by D. It was eating pieces of a ripe fruit of Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam.


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Moraceae, jaqueira , jackfruit tree on the ground. Development Figs. The imago of L. The imago emerged with head, thorax, scutellum, legs, pygidium and ventrite V completely sclerotized and pigmented, being just a slightly softer than it will be Figs.

As soon as the beetle emerged, the elytra and the membranous wings were extended backward acquiring the shape expected for a mature beetle's wings. The membranous wings grew stretched Fig. Associated species. Larvae of Dipropus brasilianus were collected feeding on dead larvae of L. Among this compressed material approximately 15 larvae of Elateridae were found.

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A ruteline larva was found dead in the tree trunk with some larvae of D. A pupa of L.